The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar for the Money No Matter Your Budget

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar for the Money

An acoustic/electric, or amplified acoustic, guitar is almost required by law for anyone playing acoustic music in public. Acoustics with onboard pickups and preamps have been widely available since the 1970s and are now the easiest and most common way to get your acoustic tone louder and better defined. Long gone are the days of standing dead … Read more

The Best Martin Guitar Under 1000 Dollars

Best Martin Guitar Under 1000

Martin acoustic guitars are as good as it gets for a lot of guitar people out there. Martin is the flagship brand of American acoustic guitars and has been making them since before the Lincoln presidency. The company’s legendary designs have helped to define the identity of the acoustic steel-string guitar for more than 150 years. What many … Read more

The Best Acoustic Under $500: A Starter Guitar You Won’t Want to Put Down

best acoustic under 500

It’s not easy to be a beginning guitarist. The first year of playing is filled with hurdles that must be cleared in order to improve and continue. The first and most important of these is picking out your first guitar. It’s easy to end up with a poor-quality or unplayable instrument when you aren’t sure what you’re shopping … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1500: Advanced Acoustic Guitars You Need to Play

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1500

As guitarists improve their skills, they often think about improving their gear, too. Some see it as a reward for a few years of hard work on the instrument and some of us just like buying guitars. In either case, getting a higher-quality acoustic guitar is always a wonderful experience. Entry-level guitars are cool and have their place, … Read more

An Acoustic Guitar Amps Review: A Look at the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

First becoming popular in the 1990s, acoustic amps are little PA systems in a box that can handle your guitar signal very well, have an additional input for a vocal microphone, and can reinforce a small-room or coffeehouse solo gig with ease. They often feature onboard effects, as well. This combination of features allows solo giggers to … Read more