Fender vs Marshall Amps

fender vs marshall amps

Fender and Marshall are the two most famous and revered brands in the world of guitar amps. The topic of Fender vs Marshall amps has been debated for decades now. Each company can boast of decades of tradition, countless hit records and large, devoted followings. Even now, most amp companies are basically making variations or … Read more

The Best Acoustic Guitar Under 800 Dollars in 2019

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $800

When shopping for a new guitar, it’s important to compare instruments that sell for roughly the same price. Manufacturers build to price points and aim to have their instruments thought of as the best in their respective classes. That’s where the competition for your dollar really is. It isn’t fair to compare a $150 import flattop to a … Read more

The Best Mics for Recording Acoustic Guitar 2019 Reviews

Best Mics for Recording Acoustic Guitar

A well-recorded acoustic guitar performance is truly a thing of beauty. The studio environment, when used properly, can result in god-like acoustic tones full of color, complexity and inspiration. Get it wrong, and your guitar will sound like it’s made of cardboard. Don’t get it wrong. Get the best mics for recording acoustic guitar, sit back and enjoy the beautiful … Read more

The Best Classical Guitar Under 1000 Will Make You Sound Like Classical Master

Best Classical Guitar under $1000

Classical guitars are a whole different animal for those of us who came upon steel-string acoustic guitars. The sound, playing feel, playing method and construction all live on the opposite side of the world from the typical flattop normally seen on stage and in studios. Having said that, adding a classical guitar to your collection makes sense … Read more

The Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages to Help You Start Your Guitar Journey

Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages

Guitar players have a lot of issues to contend with, and none of them is more crucial to learning to play than selecting your first instrument. That’s where the best beginner electric guitar packages come in handy. A proper guitar to begin your musical journey with is vital to success but so is choosing all the right … Read more

The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginner Adults: Start Your Guitar Journey Right!

Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginner Adults

Learning guitar as an adult is a bit different than starting to play as a kid. One of the big differences, besides not a starting off in a method book clearly written for third graders, is adults get to pick out their first guitar. Kids and teens quite often start playing on whatever instrument is available to … Read more