The Best Martin Guitar Under 1000 Dollars

Martin acoustic guitars are as good as it gets for a lot of guitar people out there.

Martin is the flagship brand of American acoustic guitars and has been making them since before the Lincoln presidency.

The company’s legendary designs have helped to define the identity of the acoustic steel-string guitar for more than 150 years.

What many folks fail to realize is that Martin these days is much more than just a maker of expensive old-school instruments like the D-28.

Martin has quite a few more affordable and more modern guitars in its current line that can jump you into the Martin Owners Club with ease.

Our purpose here today is to examine some Martin offerings that can be had for less than $1000, which is a fraction of what a top-line Martin would cost you.

These are instruments that are built to serve the guitarist of today who still wants to stand in the shade of the brilliant Martin legacy.

Shall we dive into the best Martin guitar under 1000 dollars review guide? The guitars are waiting!

Quick Top Martin Guitars Under 1000:

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The Best Martin Guitar Under 1000

Martin Road Series DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
30 Reviews
Martin Road Series DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
  • Solid Sapele Top, Back and Sides
  • Modified Low Oval Select Hardwood Neck w/Black Richlite...
  • Fishman Sonitone Electronics

The Martin Road Series of guitars is a collection of instruments designed for working and touring guitarists needing guitars that can stand up to that lifestyle, sound great and that can be had for a moderate price.

It's these qualities that firmly place it at the top our list of the best martin guitar under 1000 dollars.

The Martin DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar is just such a gigging machine.

Its top, back, and sides are constructed from solid Sapele wood and are braced for added volume and resonance.

The neck on the DSR1 is made from a multi-laminate material called Stratabond for increased rigidity and resistance to climate conditions, which means fewer neck adjustments on the road.

It’s carved in a modified low-oval shape Martin calls the Performing Artist.

It has a high-performance feel that works well for both lead and rhythm playing.

The belly bridge and fretboard are made of synthetic Richlite, a building material that closely resembles Ebony.

Amplification is achieved through the included Fishman Sonitone pickup system and soundhole-mounted preamp that offers users rotary controls for Volume and Tone.

A hardshell case is included.

The Martin DRS1 is a simple, straightforward guitar that will make an excellent travel partner for any player out there that needs a new ride for the road.

It’s also Martin’s most affordable solid wood guitar.

The styling on it is classic Martin dreadnought, and its Sapele construction gives it the dark and warm look of an all-Mahogany guitar.

It speaks in a voice packed with tight lows, and ultra-clear highs and the tone works well for tracking with a quality microphone.

The Martin DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric is affordable, made of solid-yet-sustainable wood and is made to hold up under heavy professional use.

It’s hard to not like this one.

This demonstration video will get you started down the path to owning one of these!

Martin X Series GPCX2AE Macassar Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
15 Reviews
Martin X Series GPCX2AE Macassar Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
  • Body Body type: Grand Auditorium Cutaway: Single...
  • The X Series GPCX2AE Macassar Grand Performance...
  • A great guitar for studio or stage

The Martin GPCX2AE Macassar is a more forward-thinking Grand Auditorium-sized guitar that's built around a solid Sapele top, and Macassar patterned high-pressure laminate, or HPL, back and sides.

This is a synthetic material that allows Martin to keep costs down and structural stability up.

The neck is made from Birchwood laminate done in a hand-rubbed finish and is topped with a synthetic Richlite fretboard.

The GPCX2AE Macassar is a more compact instrument than its Dreadnaught cousins.

It has a curve-filled design that looks sort of like a downsized Jumbo and has a cutaway on the treble side of its body.

Fishman Sonitone electronics again handle the task of getting you plugged in and sounding like you should.

The GPCX2AE is a versatile and well-balanced guitar that works well in a variety of applications.

The combo of a solid wood top and HPL body is surprisingly acoustic-like and is a sustainable method of building guitars that will only become more common in the future.

This isn’t a 70s Ovation with the unplugged tone of a plastic salad bowl.

This is a guitar for the times we're living in, and it gets the same old job done by using some new types of thinking and design.

It records via microphones smoothly and warmly, delivering an acoustic sound that even hardcore wood snobs will appreciate, which is pretty amazing.

The solid Sapele top is a huge part of this and creates a tone that will only improve with age and use.

The Martin GPCX2AE Macassar is a tremendous value in a working instrument and checks off all the right boxes gigging players need and look for in their guitars.

This short demo clip will hip you to how great this Martin sounds!

Martin Ed Sheeran 3 Divide Signature Edition Little Martin Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
5 Reviews
Martin Ed Sheeran 3 Divide Signature Edition Little Martin Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
  • LX1E Little Martin body shape is easy to play Ideal...
  • From budding YouTube discovery to international pop...
  • Immediately recognizable with his freewheeling red...

Ed Sheeran is one of the most recognizable artists in the music and now you can own and play his signature model Martin guitar.

Known as the Ed Sheeran Divide, it’s based on the LX1E Little Martin body shape, which is ultra-compact and built for traveling light.

Sheeran is a big fan of the Little Martin for its playability and big sound, and it made sense to make a signature model of it for him.

This is actually Sheeran's third signature Martin.

It features a Sitka Spruce top sitting on an HPL body with a Mahogany-like pattern to it and classic x bracing to boost low frequencies.

Fishman Sonitone electronics do a fine job of amplifying your tone, as Fishman products always do, so playing out with this little beast is no problem at all.

The neck is made of Rust Birch Laminate with a modified low-oval shape and a Richlite fretboard inlaid with blue plastic Division symbols.

The matching soundhole rosette, Martin logo, and bridge pins are cool stylistic tie-ins, as is the Division symbol on the top.

The hidden benefit of playing a small guitar like this is a much easier time balancing guitar and vocal volume levels in all-acoustic settings.

A booming loud guitar can easily step all over your lyrics when you don’t have a PA to keep things even and this, alone, makes owning a little guitar like this logical.

Are you paying attention, singer/songwriters?

The Martin Ed Sheeran Divide Signature is an absolute blast to knock around on, and you'll most likely dig it more than you anticipate.

Sometimes size does matter.

Here’s a video that will show you just how much sound the Little Ed can make!

Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar
29 Reviews
Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Dreadnought 14 Fret Body with Solid Sitka Spruce Top,...
  • 25.4"-Scale Modified Low Oval Select Hardwood Neck w/...
  • Fishman Sonitone Electronics

The Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar is a fine instrument for those looking for a more traditional sort of Martin with modern features.

It’s a Dreadnaught body with a solid Sitka Spruce top with Martin’s A-Frame "X-1" bracing and solid Sapele sides and back.

The bridge is a Modern Belly style that’s made of Richlite.

The neck is made from Select Hardwood and features Martin's Performing Artist profile that features the ergonomic High-Performance taper for maximum playability.

The fingerboard is Richlite again with classic Style 28 Martin dot inlays.

Fishman Sonitone electronics are included as original equipment, which makes this guitar instantly giggable and ensures a high-quality amplified sound.

Other cool features include a White Corian nut, Chrome Enclosed Tuners, a White Tusq Saddle and a nice hardshell case.

The Martin DRS2 is a nice mix of the time-honored Martin look and modern feel and sustainability.

It’s another Road Series instrument, so you know it will take a drumming and keep on strumming.

Road Series guitars are designed with the hardest-working segment of acoustic players in mind and will easily thrive in the demanding life of a busy guitarist.

The DRS2 sound is crisp and clear and in the neighborhood of Martin’s venerable D-18, which makes it a standout in the recording studio just like its vintage kin.

The Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric is a value-packed guitar that will work admirably in any playing situation, be it small, medium or professional.

While it might not be the best martin guitar under 1000 dollars...

If you find yourself wanting to both sound and look like part of the Martin tradition, the DRS2 is worth a serious shot.

This video will demonstrate the DRS2’s strong Dreadnaught sound!

A Brief History Of Martin

Martin is America’s best-known acoustic guitar maker and has been run by the Martin family since 1833.

Started by C.F. Martin Sr. and now run six generations later by C.F. Martin IV, the company still takes an Old World craftsmanship-based approach to building the finest acoustic guitars in the business.

Being in operation for so long, Martin has contributed much to the overall concept of acoustic guitars, and many of the company's innovations in design like x bracing, the 14-fret neck and the Dreadnaught body have been adopted by builders around the world.

Some of its most famous models are the D-18, D-28, D-35 and D-45, as well as its smaller 00 and 000-sized guitars.

Notable Martin users span all styles of guitar music and include luminaries like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Elvis, Ed Sheeran and Joan Baez.

These days, Martin manufactures a complete line of amazing guitars that range from recreations of its vintage designs to guitars for working modern players to instruments made for those just starting.

Which Martin Guitars Are Made In Mexico?

Many of Martin’s more affordable guitars are made outside of the USA in Mexico.

Like most guitar companies, it keeps costs down by outsourcing labor, using sustainable woods and synthetic materials like High-Pressure Laminate, or HPL.

It's hard to get a full read on which Martins are Mexican because the company website doesn't list a country of origin but it's a safe bet to assume lower-line instruments such as the X Series, the GPC Series, and the Little Martin are made south of the border.

Martin Acoustic Guitar Prices

Martin is what’s known as a full-line guitar company.

This means that it makes guitars for everyone from beginners on a budget to rock stars ordering customs and everyone in between.

Depending on your resources, there are Martins to be had at prices from less than $400 to well over $60,000.

Pricing, of course, is driven by many factors including model, species of wood, country of origin, hardware, electronics, limited editions and good old-fashioned status and prestige, which is always part of the picture with a legacy maker like Martin.

When shopping for a Martin, do your best to decide which level of the product line makes the most sense for your playing.

It's easy to fall in lust with high-end and custom instruments that sell for a year's salary, but it might be a better decision to play bar gigs on a more moderately-priced guitar that's better suited to those kinds of situations.

Do you want to pay $100 shows on a $20,000 guitar?

That kind of behavior will inevitably lead to heartbreak when your expensive instrument is lost, broken or stolen.

If you have to fly regularly with a guitar, this is a major concern.

You’ll know what you should go for after a little research and test-playing.

The expensive ones are fun but aren’t always right for what and where we play.


I hope you enjoyed this article on the best Martin guitars under $1000.

Martin is one of the all-time leaders when it comes to acoustic guitars, and it's hard to go wrong with any of its instruments.

No other guitar company operating today has the depth of history Martin does and owning one connects you in a small way to some of the greatest moments in American music.

If that sort of talk gets you inspired, then you may want to look at getting one and maybe becoming the next great Martin player, yourself.

Stay strong, keep practicing and anything is possible.

See you next time with another article!

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