The Best Guitar Wall Hanger to Ward Off Unwanted Damage

Consider the humble guitar wall hanger.

It's one of the most overlooked accessories of them all, and that's too bad.

Players will spend all kinds of money on every trendy and/or useless gadget they see online but forget how useful, and protective this little device can be in your home or studio.

Of course, you already have guitar stands, probably lots of them, and you’re wondering why you should need anything else?

Good guitar stands are wonderful things, and no one should be without a few of them.

For true safety and artistic coolness, though, nothing beats a slew of properly-installed wall hangers for keeping your prized axes away from rampaging children, overly-enthusiastic dogs and drunken drummers.

Notice that the good stuff at your local guitar emporium is always kept on the wall, not in floor stands.

This should tell you something.

We're meeting here today to discuss a few of the more popular options for hanging your guitars, and you can then evaluate which one best suits your needs and collection.

Once you have your wall of guitars flying high and ready to pose in front of, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Quick Top Guitar Wall Hangers:

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The Best Guitar Wall Hanger

String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Black Walnut
2,623 Reviews
String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Black Walnut
  • Deep cradle design that prevents the guitar from being...
  • Great for guitars which have a headstock with single or...
  • Yoke pivots to cradle the guitar's headstock

String Swing is the brand the that makes the best guitar wall hanger.

Their products are found in guitar shops the world over and have led the industry for well over 20 years.

The String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket is the go-to wall mount for a great many guitarists and with good reason.

It’s a simple item that does its job perfectly and looks great on your studio wall.

The wall block is made of actual solid wood and comes complete with the anchors needed to install it securely.

The yoke that holds the headstock of your guitars has an extra-deep cradle to it to prevent you from missing it with your ax, and it pivots in the block to accommodate pretty much any headstock shape in the known universe.

The combined length of the block and yoke gives you plenty of distance from the wall to hang even full-depth acoustics or Jazz guitars without ever bumping drywall and will also hold an electric bass with ease, as well.

Other than the pivot of the yoke, there are no moving parts to a String Swing, and they are guaranteed for life.

Another plus side to String Swings is that they’re visually attractive and will add a touch of class to your music room, which it could probably use.

This is an industry-standard product, and you'll have a hard time finding something better.

Get a bunch of these hung up, get those guitars up in the air and live like rock royalty. 

Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood Base and Auto Grip System
432 Reviews
Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood Base and Auto Grip System
  • Attractive Wood Base for home mounting
  • Auto Swivel yoke has an AGS hanger that can rotate...
  • Auto Grip System yoke safely and securely holds your...

Hercules is a newer company in the guitar stand and hanger game and has made quite a splash in the market with its proprietary swiveling Auto Grip System (AGS) foam-covered yoke that will hold any guitar safely.

The Hercules GSP38WB is a wall hanger ostensibly designed for acoustic guitars but will hold electrics and basses just as well.

Like the String Swing, it has a nice-looking wooden base that mounts to your wall and supports the AGS hanger mechanism in fine style.

The big advantage with the Hercules system is the inclusion of two rotating safety arms that block your ax in from the front and prevent any possibility of it falling forward out of the yoke.

The weight of the guitar, itself, activates them and the design is quite innovative.

Another nice touch with the Hercules is that the foam covering the hanger’s contact points with your headstock is non-reactive and won’t cause any blemishes to nitrocellulose lacquer finishes.

Hercules uses its AGS technology in single and double floor stands, too, so, if you like it, you can outfit your whole world in it.

It’s a good system and is a forward-thinking take on an extremely simple and useful item.

If it’s important to you that all of your accessories be the ultimate in hip, now and wow, you’re Hercules material all the way!

Neboic Guitar Wall Mount, Auto Lock Guitar Wall Hanger, Hard Wood Base in Guitar Shape Guitar Hook, Guitar Holder, Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Bass Guitar Stand,Guitar Accessories
92 Reviews
Neboic Guitar Wall Mount, Auto Lock Guitar Wall Hanger, Hard Wood Base in Guitar Shape Guitar Hook, Guitar Holder, Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Bass Guitar Stand,Guitar Accessories
  • 【Hard wood base in guitar shape guitar hanger】. we...
  • 【Auto lock Guitar Wall Mount】. Lock your guitar...
  • 【Easy to Install guitar hook】. you can easy to...

The Neboic Guitar Wall Mount Auto-Lock Guitar Wall Hanger is a weight-activated locking system in the vein of the Hercules line but is done all in natural wood tones to appear more, well, guitar-ish.

Even the wall-mounting block is attractively carved to resemble a single-cutaway instrument, which is a nice touch if that sort of thing matters to you.

The Neboic hanger is aimed at those seeking a slightly more artistic device to wall-mount their instruments, and it does its job well.

As long as you do the installation right, guitar security shouldn’t be an issue.

This hanger adds a little more visual fun to hanging up your guitars but is one of many styles of these to adapt the swivel/lock hanger concept to its own uses.

It’s a strong and durable unit capable of supporting up to 15kg with no fear of failing.

The Neboic will also hold a classical guitar, which not all hangers can do because of the extra-wide neck found on most classicals.

All of the hardware needed to mount it comes included but do your best to avoid the drywall anchors and drill the included screws onto your wall studs for safety.

Neboic is kind of a new kid in town to many guitarists but is rapidly gaining a solid reputation for making high-quality products that do exactly what they claim they’ll do.

You could do a whole lot worse than hanging your guitar collection from a bunch of Neboics.

3-PACK Top Stage Acoustic Electric Guitar Hanger Keeper Wall Stand, 3-PACK, JX15-NA
458 Reviews
3-PACK Top Stage Acoustic Electric Guitar Hanger Keeper Wall Stand, 3-PACK, JX15-NA
  • Suitable for a variety of string instruments such as...
  • Specially formulated padding is safe for your...
  • Easy to assemble and install in no time, mounting...

The Top Stage Guitar Hanger 3-Pack is the right solution for all of you with multiple guitars that need to hit the wall.

This is a deeply-discounted bundle that gives you three basic yoke-style hangers that will work for a wide variety of stringed instruments.

Top Stage hangers mount quickly and easily using only a Phillips screwdriver, and all the required hardware is included, which seems to be the case with all of these things.

This is probably the single most versatile wall hanger we're looking at today, and the Top Stage design will hold guitars, basses, mandolins, violins, ukuleles and other stringed instruments.

All of the foam padding used in these hangers is again non-reactive to keep your vintage nitro finishes damage-free.

Under that padding is a stainless steel yoke for long-term strength.

The wall block is made of quality hardwood.

This combo package of wall mounts is a swift and easy way to get a bunch of guitars out of harm’s way and profiling on the wall with a minimum of effort.

Top Stage is another brand that may not be a household name, but research shows that the folks who bought these hangers like them and many have come back for more.

If you know what you want to hang and know where to put them, this is probably the deal for you.

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 2-Pack, Ohuhu Guitar Hanger Wall Hook Holder Stand for Bass Electric Acoustic Guitar Ukulele
427 Reviews
Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 2-Pack, Ohuhu Guitar Hanger Wall Hook Holder Stand for Bass Electric Acoustic Guitar Ukulele
  • SOFT PADDING SLEEVE: Safe for your instrument's finish.
  • ADJUSTABLE STOPPER: Display wide or narrow body...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Easy to assemble in no time, mounting...

The Ohuhu Guitar Wall Hanger 2-Pack is another bundled deal on hangers that will easily get your cherished instruments safely off the ground.

Ohuhu hangers feature real hardwood construction and use different sizes of stoppers to function with all manner of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandos, ukes, violins and others.

The padding used is specifically formulated to protect your instrument's delicate finish, and even the most expensive guitars will remain spotless.

Like the best of their kind, Ohuhu hangers assemble and install in a jiffy and arrive at your door with all the hardware needed to complete the job, including screws and drywall anchors.

All you supply is a Phillips head screwdriver and a little muscle to turn it.

The Ohuhu’s resemble the most popular guitar hangers around will support your instruments in attractive hardwood-and-yoke style.

These are an important piece of kit for professional and recreational players alike and will turn your messy music room into a slick and inspiring creative space.

Ohuhu hangers will let you display your guitars on the wall, like the proper works of art they are.

They’ll also keep you from leaning your valuable instruments upon said wall, your couch, chair or any other sketchy spot where they could take a nasty tumble.

Get serious about protecting your gear and get those guitars up out of the way!

How To Make Your Own Guitar Hanger

You’ve probably realized by now that a wall hanger for your guitar is a fairly simple proposition.

The handy and over-caffeinated among you have already started asking yourself if you could construct your hangers and have a little project.

Well, the good news is that you absolutely can!

All it takes is a few inexpensive items and a little time.

You'll need something to act as the wall plate first, and this is where you can get some customization happening.

You can use anything from a closet rod with one side cut flat and then cut into four-inch sections to a bunch of old hockey pucks.

Get creative!

You’ll also need a metal tool hanger, which can be had at your local nut-and-bolt dealership, where you’ll need to go anyway to get screws and drywall anchors.

Take your desired backplate and drill a hole in it dead-center but not all the way through for the tool hanger.

Then, drill holes above and below the first one, all the way through now, for the screws that will hold the back plate to the wall.

Screw the tool hanger into the block hole until you’re satisfied that it won’t pull out due to the weight of your guitar.

Now all you have to do is mount it on the wall!

Here’s one player’s take on making a safe and good-looking guitar hanger!

How To Mount A Guitar Wall Hanger

Whether you’ve bought the best guitar wall hanger or built your own, the procedure of mounting them to your wall is much the same.

The best and most secure way to do it is to drive your screws through your drywall and into the studs inside your wall.

This way, it’s impossible for the screws to come out and let your precious rock apparatus fall to the floor.

You can also use drywall anchors if you like, but they're slightly less secure, especially for heavier instruments.

Be sure to pound them fully into the wall before screwing your hanger to them.

Another method is to use a nicely-finished piece of wood of whatever length you need that you drive into the studs and then mount your hangers onto.

This looks cool and also gives you a little more distance from the wall for your deepest acoustics or archtops.

The big issue is getting whatever hanger you go with mounted securely on your wall.

If you don't trust your ability level with power tools to get this job done correctly, find a friend with the skills needed to assist you, as this step is pretty crucial.

Once you have them up and your guitars are hanging safely, you’re good to go!

This video demonstration will show you everything you need to know about mounting a hanger!


After reading this article on the best guitar wall hanger, you should feel knowledgeable and ready to dive into this deceptively-simple but necessary accessory.

Be sure to take the time to determine which hanger best fits your needs and looks good in your room.

Do this job right, and both you and your guitars will be happy for a long time to come.

See you again soon with another dose of guitar information that will make your musical world a better place!

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